Climate Leadership Journey programme Kick-off 2022

Participants recruitment has just been closed for candidates interested in taking part during 2022 in the re-design EIT Climate-KIC programme, Climate Leadership Journey. Climate Leadership Journey is an extracurricular challenge-based programme that prepares master students, post-graduates, and young professionals to lead the transformation that society needs. 

This new programme combines over 10 years of experience from our education programmes supported by the European Institute of Technology (EIT). Climate Leadership Journey includes the year-round elements from the Climate Innovation Leadership pilot (which is built on the foundation of the EIT Label framework) and puts the Journey summer school at its core with its strong methodological approach and pedagogy. 

The programme runs on yearly cycles from April to December, it is delivered in a blended format where most of activities are hold online except for the two-week summer school which is residential (locations change every year depending on our delivery partners). 

Climate Leadership Journey supports participants in their professional and personal growth through expert workshops, peer-to-peer learning activities, networking events, coaching sessions, and two-week residential summer schools. We work with numerous international partners and highly skilled coaches to create unique learning experiences for all participants in multiple locations, across Europe and beyond. 

Our methodology offers a unique package of learning activities such as inspirational events, group and individual impact projects, and personal development sessions. If you want to know more details about the programme click HERE The official Launch Event of the Climate Leadership Journey will take place on Friday 20th April at 15:00 CEST, this year hosting the programme with 160 participants, 11 partners, 8 coaches in 9 locations and running 4 summer schools. A new journey for everyone, more exciting and innovative than ever. Join us at the kick-off event!

“If you’re interested in applying to the EIT Climate-KIC Journey programme as a participant or host, inform yourself, attend partner events – It’s such a good opportunity to make more connections. Personally, I’ve expanded my network in Ireland and Europe, gone outside my comfort zone and engaged with a wider range of stakeholders, including local authorities and companies working on a range of issues, including energy, agriculture, and transport.”  Quentin Crowley, Associate Professor Natural Sciences, Director, Centre for the Environment, Trinity College Dublin & Journey Host 

“My experience of the Climate Innovation Leadership & Journey programmes felt very strong and powerful. I especially appreciated the opportunity to network, share ideas and meaningfully contribute to group work. If you’re thinking of applying, it’s a great choice to make – if you’re prepared to fully commit yourself to the work, you will gain a lot of knowledge and confidence.”  Carlotta Storchi, Participant in EIT Climate-KIC’s Climate Innovation Leadership & Journey Programmes 2021 

“Participating in these EIT Climate-KIC programmes provides so many opportunities – training, tools, and the chance to learn about the latest climate action topics. It is also a chance to belong to a multicultural, international Alumni community.”  Lola Garzón Benítez, Associate Professor in the Department of Business Management, University of Valencia 

“We’ve seen time and time again that the networks created by these EIT Climate-KIC programmes provide a wealth of support for participants, hosts, and coaches. It’s great to be part of an inspiring community and knowing like-minded people who you can share ideas and information with.”  Esperanza Luque Merelo, Project Manager at the Research Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks (CEIGRAM), Technical University of Madrid 

Climate Leadership Journey programme can be designed based on your needs, focusing on your location and your organisation!  You can choose to organise either the two-week summer school or the full nine-month programme module depending on your challenges and needs.  As a challenge owner and host, we will work with you in identifying challenges in your community, recruiting suitable coaches and motivated participants, and supporting you in organising and delivering the programme in your location.    

We are always open to new partnerships and sponsorships that support the delivery of the Climate Leadership Journey programme and its impact to expand the international community of climate leaders. 

If you are interested in knowing more about how to support us or how to design a programme adapted to your needs, please get in touch with us at