The Impact of COVID-19 on Journey

No matter what Journey will be inspiring and fun as always!

Journey in a time of COVID-19

This summer the Journey is adapting to the ongoing public health crisis by running a digital programme

The health and well-being of the Journey participants, partners and local communities is our top priority, and we’re excited to offer an innovative and inspirational learning environment using digital tools. 

There will be an enhanced focus on local action, and we’ll experiment with new and creative ways to enable peer-to-peer learning, and, of course, fun! 

The programme will still feature the same inspirational community of change-makers, experts and facilitators guiding participants on a learning journey. 


Real-world challenges

Supported by the ideas, expertise and experience of our partners, coaches and alumni, we will delve into experiential learning on climate action and systems innovation in response to the real-world challenges facing us.

Most importantly, this year will be grounded in the context and challenge we are all living through. We’ll be asking questions like, how can we #buildbackbetter? What role are we playing in this? What can we learn from this pandemic about complex systems and how we change them? How can we emerge from this situation reinvigorated to tackle the climate crisis? And how can we address climate change in a way that also has a positive impact on other societal issues, like health and wellbeing, inequality, and more? 


There has never been a more important time for us to think in a responsive, innovative way, and for the Journey to empower and equip students, graduates and young professionals to be leaders in systems transformation.

We’re looking forward to taking these steps forward together!