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#ClimateJourney16 - Week 4, the Netherlands

 At 14.00 on Saturday afternoon, a little later than planned, Gillian and I set off for our Climate-KIC adventure. At the official Utrecht hitchhiking stop, just past the Galgenwaard stadium, I took out a black sharpie and wrote ‘Copenhagen’ on an old notepad. On the other side, to keep it a bit more realistic, Gillian wrote ‘Amersfoort – A28’, the next city on our route.

Marius Messerschmied

By Marius Messerschmied - Participant in Journey programme 2017, Blog 1.

While I got interested in business and economics very early on during my childhood, it was not until I started my Bachelor studies that I began to think more about the question Charles Handy had raised in a widely quoted paper at the beginning of this Millennia:

Dilip Basava