A hotspot for startups

Estonia is among the countries in the world with the cleanest air—a country of forests—as forests cover half of its territory. It has a lot of untouched nature, and bogs. Estonians have preserved a green way of living and thinking, similarly, they are giving up behaviour that pollutes our planet. The country is also a first-mover in government digitalization services.

This year Tallinn, Estonia’s capital is one city where the Climate-KIC Journey takes place in August and participants can look forward to being shocked in the best way. Besides nature and sustainable ways of living, participants will explore Estonia as one of the most digitized nations that has turned the country into a fantastic place for entrepreneurs. Estonians enjoy digital public services to manage all aspects of their lives, such as access to taxes, voting, digital identity, and e-Residency and access public services online from anywhere in the country.

The government has transformed and modernized its governance system; a development that opened a myriad of opportunities for the private sector, particularly for startups. Today, Estonia offers one of the best startup ecosystems in the world and holds a record for the number of startups creation per capita, despite a small population of only 1,3 million people. Lots of initiatives are supporting this startup environment, including a huge and helpful community of entrepreneurs and the EIT Climate-KIC Hub in Estonia. Just recently, a new cleantech and energy hub, ‘Port of Power’ opened in Tallinn on a giant old soviet Olympic Centre, which is now being converted into a huge cleantech hub. The hub is at a heavenly and peaceful location next to the sea, where Journey participants will be learning to innovate in Estonia. The ‘Port of Power’ is being developed in collaboration between Cleantech ForEst and Sunly, two strong organizations speeding up cleantech uptake and the energy sector in the country.

Estonia is a top nation for public services digitalization and technology, where citizens do everything online and solve tasks in just a few minutes. The country’s digital world has reduced its environmental footprint and timesaving aspects—doing things online have reduced the amount of paper and also speeded up the workflow. It’s also startup hotspot and a paradise for entrepreneurs where Journey participants will explore systems innovation and solutions to climate change.