Kicking of the Journey 2017

By Anne Lørup Arildsen - Participant in Journey programme 2017. Blog 1

Hey, my name is Anne Lørup Arildsen and I am excited to be sharing my thoughts and experiences for this year’s Climate KIC summer school, The Journey.

Together with 35 people of 18 different nationalities, we are ready to set off into the next 5 weeks of learning about climate innovation and entrepreneurship. Together we hope to help make a difference in finding the solutions for tomorrow’s climate challenges. Our Journey will be taking us through Europe and the three destinations, Lisbon, Valencia and Wroclaw. Our great coaches Erica and Francisco will be following and guiding all the way on this journey.

I am a part of the Climate KIC master label student program and through that I feel privileged to be part of The Journey. My ambitions and expectations for the next 5 weeks is to expand my international network and meet some new people from whom I can get inspired and learn different perspectives of climate mitigation and adaptation. Furthermore, I personally hope to gain more knowledge on entrepreneurship and how to build business plans around sustainable businesses and ideas.

As part of my Climate KIC master label program I have been on exchange in Delft, The Netherlands, from where I arrived directly here in Lisbon. This has also been an amazing experience from with I have learned a lot, founded an international network of friends and have gotten memories for life! Now I am already jumping into new adventures with Climate KIC and I am looking forward to sharing my next 5 weeks with you all.

- In life some adventures come to an end, whilst new ones are just about so start, but all in all life is a journey and we are lucky to be here!

About the blogger: I am 24 years old and I study Environmental Engineering at Danish Technical University (DTU) in Denmark, with a focus on water resource management and urban water management. I was born in Denmark but I have an international background through living abroad in three different countries. I love traveling and exploring the world, both getting lost while hiking around magnificent nature, but I also enjoy diving into different cultures and learning more about their history and traditions.