22 locations. 400 climate champions.

Journey 2020


In 2020 we worked with more than 40 partners in 22 cities across Europe! Join us in a Journey of experiential learning, climate action, systems innovation, and community activation!

In 2020, we ran 10 summer schools, each consisting of up to 40 participants, and spanning over 22 cities across Europe! The Journeys ran from 13 July– 7 of August*. As a participant, you get to learn from our expert partners and from your peers and wrap up your Journey at the Community Summit, where all parallel summer schools get together and connect. During the summit you build your common systemic vision, and take collective action for climate!

Keep reading below to find out what you can expect in your 4 weeks at the Journey!

*This summer the Journey is adapting to the ongoing public health crisis by running a digital programme. You can find more information here.

Journey Locations in 2020


4 exciting weeks of summer!


Week 1 – Meet, Share, Engage!

Meet your cohort and share your expertise as you discover a new ecosystem. You’ll form teams to create a collective vision across 5 Journeys that will shape your summer school experience.

Week 2 – Visualise, Design, Create!

Design sustainable impact solutions! You’ll take on intensive group work with your team and utilise tools and methodologies that you’ll learn about to support your project’s development.

Week 3 – Communicate, Adapt, Improve!

Develop your knowledge and practice into a future strategy and transformation plan that captures your ecosystem of practice at the local level. Share your transformation plan across Journeys and prepare to meet the full cohort.

Week 4 – Synthesize, Collaborate, Take Action!

Get together with other Journeys and teams who you have been collaborating with to synthesize your transformative ideas, and generate a holistic system change that encompasses work from five different Journeys! You’ll deliver this work into the final ecosystem through public engagement and outreach. Conclude with a reflection of your Journey and leave with an impetus of action and a community behind you to make it happen!